What is WikiRate Labs?


WikiRate brings together diverse minds to design, develop, discuss, hone, populate and share free and open data about corporate performance.

Covering a broad range of topics, sectors, and companies, there is an enormous wealth of information on the WikiRate.org platform, which we need to effectively address the intricate web of issues.

But for these data to have the fullest possible impact, they have to reach people who can put them to use.

The WikiRate Labs is a community site for developers to share code, ideas, resources, and feedback on Experiments with WikiRate data. It is an effort to activate all that research by developing and supporting new ways of using that data for analysis, integrations, advocacy, journalism, and beyond.


An experiment on WikiRate Labs can be any technical effort to generate something useful from WikiRate data.

Data on WikiRate is organized into answers, where each answer measures how one Company performs on one Metric for one year, and all researched answers must be sourced.

WikiRate.org has an open data structure and a RESTful API that makes WikiRate data free and accessible for download and integration into external applications. It facilitates, for instance, the creation of widgets, such as search or data visualizations tools (graphs, charts, maps).

An experiment must have a public available demo site, a url for open source code, or ideally both.

Check out our current experiments, or add a new one here .


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