If you're here, you're probably aware that an API is an Application Programming Interface, or a way for one software application to talk to another.

A little context

WikiRate's API, like its underlying data structure, is a little unconventional. But if you understand why and how the structure is unusual, the API design will make sense. So let's start there.

First, WikiRate is, as it's name implies, a wiki. It is built with an open-sourced wiki platform called Decko, which uses wiki-inspired building blocks called cards to create complex web systems. Pretty much everything you interact with on WikiRate is a card: Company, Metric, Answer, Project, Data Set, Topic, etc. –– they're all cards. What's particularly unusual is that the substructures of these pages are cards, too. The logo of a company, the formula of a metric, the topic tags on a data set... it's cards all the way down.

The embrace of this wiki card concept helps WikiRate live up to its values of transparency. Since everything is a card, and every card stored has a revertible revision history, the WikiRate platform is deeply transparent, and it exposes not just current data but also data histories to its API.

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