uses the Decko application code.

Code Organization

Like all Decko decks, WikiRate's code is organized in mods.

Steps to make it work

The following will help set up a functioning wikirate site with a small subset of (mostly fake) data. Some pages will not look complete.

    1. fork repo on github:
    2. clone repo: git clone
    3. enter dir: cd wikirate
    4. init/update submodules git submodule update -f --init --recursive
    5. install gems: bundle install
    6. set up config: cp -R sample_config/* config
    7. populate dev database (with test data): DATABASE_NAME_TEST=wikirate_dev bundle exec rake wikirate:test:seed or start fresh with a subject of your choice: bundle exec rake wikirate:new_with_subject Camels
    8. add AWS credentials to config/application.rb (Ask wikirate dev team! Sorry, we'll make this easier soon)
    9. to make assets like icons work: bundle exec rake decko:update_assets_symlink
    10. reset machines rake card:reset_machine_output
    11. start server: bundle exec decko s
  • initial homepage load will take a long time.
  • You can log into the test data with:

More info: .