Tea Transparency Tracker


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The Tea Transparency Tracker from the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) maps for the first time tea supply chains between major brands and supermarkets and the estates and factories they come from. Here is why it’s essential and how WikiRate helped the BHRRC to create this new public resource.

Well-known brands such as Bettys and Taylor of Harrogate, Marks & Spencer and Twinings, and supermarkets like Tescos and Morrisons have revealed the location and name of the facilities used to supply their tea. In total, 17 major tea labels’ estates and facilities have been mapped as part of a tea transparency tracker launched by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.

The tracker will help NGOs, trade unions, and consumers worldwide hold tea brands and supermarkets to account. With this information, people know who to address to raise concerns about working conditions or negative environmental impacts at an estate or factory. This is a significant step in closing the transparency gap. You can see the finished product on BHRRC’s website and explore the data further on WikiRate.org.

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